100 dating for people with disabilities

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He is also, as he once memorably told then-deputy prime minister Nick Clegg on the show, one of Britain's "top disableds"."I think it's human nature to be curious.

And I don't think anyone should feel bad about that," he says.

This is a difficult mix and I always feel bad for able-bodied people I see struggling with it. "I think it's a hard balance to get," he says, "I really do." After reading the results of Scope's survey, I asked able-bodied friends why they feel awkward around disabled people. Sian Meades, a writer, summed up a recurring issue: "I don't want to draw attention to the fact that I'm trying not to draw attention to someone's disability." Most awkward silences come from kind people being afraid of saying the wrong thing and consequently opting to say nothing at all.

But if disabled people only ever encounter awkward silences, we never get to talk to anyone."Other able-bodied people told me they avoid interacting with disabled people because they're worried about being seen as prejudiced if they say something "wrong".

But awkwardness and prejudice are drastically different.

Someone who is awkward around a disabled person is unlikely to be truly prejudiced.

More than 150 resident athletes and 100 volunteers participated! The 2017 Golf Outing--our 16th Anniversary--was another great success. Our latest issue of our newsletter, Image is done and on its way to you in the mail.Awkwardness comes from a person wanting to do good and worrying they'll get it wrong.A prejudiced person wouldn't care enough to worry."Just because you're awkward around a disabled person doesn't mean it's a hate crime," says Brooker.Age 36 From London, United Kingdom Online - Today Woman Seeking Man (360 Kilometers Away) I'm bubbly, have a very dry sarcastic sense of humour.Love going out and being as social as possible but love taking at home as well watching a good movie or spending time with family.

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