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More longing looks than the break-the-bed raunchiness of the aforementioned books, this series holds to its classic roots.Harlequin has a devout readership and Jefferson sees value in the publishing house, "Solid authors write the books and are able to keep a theme and set of characters fresh." We've heard this story before: a young girl meets a mysterious billionaire and all hell breaks loose.

Nin's "Words carry colors and sounds into the flesh." What goes on inside our deepest fantasies can often scare us if we look too closely.

Even if starving artists don't turn you on, this is a classic work worth reading.

Erotica taken from real life accounts have an extra dose of allure.

Styled after the Which Way books, readers get to determine how the story plays out. From Torre's poll, 69 percent of women are married, and I'd bet Lady Chatterley's story fulfills many fantasies.

Within its choices are limitations and the authors perceived opinions but there aren't many books of its type. Remember, many of the books are part of a series, which is lucky, since nearly 91 percent of polled women read at least one erotica book per month. You don't even have to do it at home, take it with you since ninety two percent of respondents read erotica on an e Book — you sly vixens.

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