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"Who is the most overrated Hip Hop star of all time? "I mean Jay Z," 50 Cent answered without hesitation. It feels oppressive and chaotic up in the stands of this aircraft hanger of a venue, and Roger Waters’ most literally monumental achievement has more self-loathing, rage and disgust in its bones than any other rock show that’s filled stadiums worldwide with people wanting to hear it.pic.twitter.com/0UIQt HLToy I took over @barclayscenter last week, check out the video @myfabolouslife @Jeezy @Therealkiss @therealstylesp @noreaga @mainohustlehard @funkflex youtube.com/watch? 50 Cent's teenage son feels like he's been replaced by the rapper's new baby -- saying he hasn't seen his dad in nearly two years ...Fox later appeared on the Tyra Banks show and complained about 50 Cent's very public airing of his complaints to the press.I took over @barclayscenter last week w/ @unclemurda @Jeezy @myfabolouslife @Therealkiss @therealstylesp @funkflex @noreaga More- Check out the FULL Video on THISIS50NOW!

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"I never….," 50 Cent replied, insisting reports of a hookup were false.

We were in the Cosmopolitan in Vegas and I was bringing him to say wassup to Jay because Jay don’t really like him." We LOVE how Beyoncé had her husband's back - obviously we doubt Queen Bey would've taken a swung at 50 Cent or anything, but it must've warmed Jay Z's heart to see his lady love protecting him like that!

Fox had a very ugly breakup in 2003, both exchanging insults.

He remains a proud and supportive father and feels blessed to have two sons.” A source connected to 50 says the woman hasn’t worked since 2002 and this is ultimately a money grab.

As we reported, 50 recently posted doting photos of Sire on Instagram, but quickly removed them out of concern for Sire’s safety.

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