A framework for road change detection and map updating Free adult live cam no registration

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Marine habitat mapping – Australia (2012-13) With the use of very high resolution imagery and object based image analysis, DHI GRAS together with DHI and local partners is mapping the existence of various marine habitats.

a framework for road change detection and map updating-27

a framework for road change detection and map updating-67

a framework for road change detection and map updating-41

TIGER-NET - Earth Observation for Management of Water Resources in Africa (2012-2015) A consortium led by Geo Ville and GRAS has been selected to carry out a project for the European Space Agency (ESA) in the frame of the TIGER initiative.The maps has been used as input in detailed planning of large scale seismic acquisition survey, complimenting existing field observations as well as input in an EIA and for HSE purposes.Administration Tool for Freshwater Monitoring, Denmark (2012 – 2014) With the aim of optimizing the monitoring capabilities of freshwater inland waters, DHI GRAS is developing methods for water quality retrieval based on high and very high resolution satellite data as part of a project for the Danish Ministry of Environment.Supporting European Environmental Agency (EEA) with GIS and Image processing (2013-2017) DHI GRAS entered into a framework agreement with the European Environmental Agency (EEA) on consultancy services within Geospatial Information Systems and advanced image processing.The contract covers support and consultancy with respect to advanced image analysis as well as automation of tasks related to administering and quality assuring Copernicus services and in particular GIO Land products. Assisting indigenous people in Latin America with Forest Monitoring (2014) Together with the environmental organisation Forests of the World, DHI GRAS has introduced satellite based tools for monitoring of forest areas in the indigenous’ peoples territory of Monte Verde, Bolivia.

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