Accomidating resistance excercise equiptment

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“That doesn’t sound like a lot, but if you add that up for five days a week, it’s about two and a half candy bars per week, and over the course of the school year, it adds up to almost six pounds,” said Dengel.

Teachers don’t need to purchase new desks to provide these physical and mental benefits to their students, however.

“I've been surprised how eager some students have been to read—especially boys,” Ertl told Education World.

So whether you want to lift weights or improve your general fitness, this is the place for you.At Cranfield a range of therapeutic and professional services are offered by external companies operating at our sports centre.We have a physiotherapy service where qualified sports therapists are able to treat sports and non-sports related injuries.“I have found that I had to change my comfort zone to allow for more than the norm of fidgeting,” she said.At Brittin Elementary in Fort Stewart, Georgia, Gwyn Ann Raczkowski underwent a similar adjustment when she taught a student who liked to walk while reading—and it actually improved her comprehension.

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