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Along with the inherent pitfalls that come with associating a brand with Vince’s increasingly louche lifestyle, having Avión written into the storyline each week mislead many viewers into believing that the tequila was as imaginary as Drama’s (Kevin Dillon) green-lit cartoon strip, Johnny Bananas.

“Ninety-five percent of the people who watch the show still don’t know that Avión is real,” Austin said.

Eric is just about as co-dependent as Vince, but slightly more self-aware.

Less of a womanizer, he's more of a serial monogamist.

so it all came together from there.”The trade-off for the millions in free brand exposure was putting Avión’s image in the hands of a showrunner rather than an agency creative director.

“Doug told us that if we let him use the brand, we had to agree to give him total creative license,” Austin said. Let’s go for it.’”As Turtle became more enmeshed in the distribution business, Vince, Drama and the rest of the gang began to wet their beaks in all the free samples.

In a season that saw Entourage incorporate more celebrity cameo appearances than could be seen in all 10 seasons of Friends, perhaps the most memorable walk-on role was delivered by a bottle of tequila.

(Ellin and Dichter grew up together on Long Island; the two 42-year-olds have been friends ever since.)was going through the process of plotting out the seventh season of Entourage,” Austin said.Riding shotgun with the Aquaman and Medellín star as he cozies up with a porn star and the Physician’s Desk Reference is Tequila Avión, an upscale spirits brand that gets so much screen time it’s practically an ancillary character.Despite the number of impressions Avión racked up with its big non-speaking role––the August 28 episode alone drew a season-high 2.86 million viewers––the principals behind the brand didn’t have to cough up a single peso for the integration.A big company like Seagram’s would not have taken that chance. In one recent episode, Vince and his adult film star girlfriend (Sasha Grey) took a few restorative shots of Avión after an all-nighter.In a later installment, a long night of tequila and cocaine consumption lead Vince to badly blow a meeting with Braveheart director Randall Wallace.

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