Adult aunt chat

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On the right side of the room, there is an interviewer that asks for the player's feelings before beginning a Battle Tower match, after a victory, or after a loss. There is a default message for each topic, all of which include at least one "word" consisting purely punctuation marks.In the Generation III games, mail messages are composed using the easy chat system, rather than by inputting text manually as was done in the Generation II games.

In Generation IV, learning trendy phrases will add new words to the easy chat system.

The required combinations depend on the player's Trainer ID number, except Mystery Gift, which he gives when he is told "Wi-Fi Connection Everyone Happy".

Primo, who resides in Violet City's Pokémon Center, will ask the player's opinion of him when he is spoken to.

The player can compose a message using up to nine words or phrases.

Any regional Pokémon that the player has seen will appear as a phrase for the system.

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