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Participating libraries agree to provide interlibrary loan without charge to Iowa libraries and library users.

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Interlibrary Loan Reimbursement: (part of Enrich Iowa funding): provides Iowans with equal access to library resources by encouraging and supporting interlibrary loan among all types of libraries.Although District office staff work with all libraries, their support is most critical for the public libraries located in smaller communities.The six District offices communicate regularly with library boards and staff at the local level.Library Support Network staff (comprised of the District Consultants and Learning Resource Technicians, and the Des Moines Consultants) work to make library service in Iowa the best it can be by offering services and programs for Iowa libraries.Library Support Network prides itself in being passionate about the value of libraries and the difference they make in people's lives; in advocating for libraries and librarians and seeking opportunities for them; in identifying and creating innovations for helping libraries improve services for Iowans.

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