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Didn't like em then, ain't gonna start now OK maybe I am not using things correctly when doing a search. Well reasons Lavalife has so many people no one wants is because it is a just that . a division of is doing a 80 million USD $ IPO soon. We could use a couple large banners, we could send them around to the partys to help get the addy out to those who don't know POF exists. Oh and could you make me a consultant, I could write off my fuel. Just keep up the great work and get your ass out here. This is a great site...second to none...types of people looking for all sorts of relationships.

But anyways when performing a search for say "Search Type" or "Body Type" you can only select one search parameter and not multiples? A Pay site and every one on there only wants the best for thier dollars . Yes we all would like something for nothing but we all know TANSTAAFL (There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch. I find your ads unobtrusive., A good thing as in your face pisses me (and others) off. I have tried the interests and I seem to find more guys. There is a big battle for marketshare coming, if nothing changes within 6 months plentyoffish will be the largest canadian dating site by far.. It's very easy to navigate through to those that share similar interests.

The dating sites featured in Nate's list of Top 5 list all offer a Free or Trial membership.

Although somewhat limited, signing up for the free membership gives you a chance to explore the dating service, check out its features and decide whether or not you like it, all before dishing out your hard earned cash.

The top 10 international dating sites that has enable millions of singles to find lasting relationships are :1.(ok yes, I confused myself here) Anyways since coming to Po F, I have told many about it being the ONLY place to go LAVALIFE SUCKS............. I'd have no prob with wearing a POF t-shirt to spread the word! I spent a lot of money there and have met people who spent a lot of money as well.Was on that site for a few months, too many players and phonies, and alot of people posing as someone else, my friend also was on Lavalife, and he thought he was going to me this sweet woman that he had been chatting with for a few weeks, they finally met up, and she was for an escort service, been told there was quite a few on LAVA...... I do find Lava very user friendly but like get used to it, it becomes comfortable.Plentyoffish has over 20,000 unique people logging into the site from just ontario every single day, all other sites mentioned don't even signup that many people per year.love2hug, I definitely don't fit into the forum clique! I only post when I have something to say, which admittedly isn't much lately. LOLAll in all I think you have the best site pay or not. Someone said when it comes to pay sites "Quality over Quanity". Yes some Joe Sixpack does too but he can't afford the weasel attorney to keep it quiet. Cheers to Plenty of Fish who seems to have captured the world of fishies available out there quite nicely!! Searching my interest only works off the advanced search. Ive hit more POF bashes than anyone else in Canada this summer and its far from over yet.All the threads seem to end up in inane flirtation between one or two members, someone getting offended and storming off, or kudos to each other about how great they are. I've never encountered so many lovey-dovey people in my life But OT: Even though I have had greater success on Lava, I hardly use it anymore. I like that we can email (and get unread and deleted! Another thing I like is the how you have gone out of your way to promote the POF parties. used to be on three different dating sites...talking to Sir James on one of them and he told me about pof..I tell everyone I's a great site..would you want to limit youself to so few when there is such a big ocean full of all different kinds of fishes.....still searching for my one special fish but hey.... I've talked to some former senior exec's at lavalife and they say that all the money is made in the adult section. I even have a great one in the works myself in Hamilton next month.

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