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To view your Competition Points, click on the Pink Couch Icon. Your teddy bear has a birthday coming up on November 14th, which is National American Teddy Bear Day!They will appear beneath the 'Credits' section of your inventory! So, you have a chance to make this year's birthday party for your teddy truly spectacular!Wander throughout the rooms in search of a Bush or a Tree Stump, if you see one; watch closely!When the Turkey appears, click on it to wrangle it! Three villagers ventured out into the surrounding wilderness two days ago in search of wild turkeys for Thanksgiving; and haven’t been heard from since.They came to the New World on the Mayflower with fifty "strangers" to begin their lives again in freedom.On today's quest, let's look at the history of the Pilgrims!They disagreed with the King's religion, and were persecuted in their home country of England as a result.Trusted friends betrayed them, and they were forced leave their homes and occupations to escape punishment and death by the authorities.

Trees begin losing their vibrant green, replacing it with equally bright yellows, reds and oranges.

Included in the Dragon Membership Bundle #5 is an extra Wraith Enchantment - 1 Star for the Dragon Owners, and a Wraith Enchantment - 1 Star, and Fire Wings Enchantment - 1 Star for the Phoenix Owners!

Exclusively for the Phoenix Owners this week is a Medieval Knight Desk Lamp! 12 Turkeys have escaped into the kingdom, and it's your job to wrangle them all back up in their pen!

So, start planning your teddy's birthday party and getting those invitations sent, and on our quest today, let's find out more about the history of our special teddy bear!

Your reward for completing this quest will be 1,000 credits, and a Turkey Teddy Bear!

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