Advice dating a married woman

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I know that what she’s doing with her husband is not what I want in a companion. You have to be with a woman day and night for two years in order to really know her, and you and Maddie are just in la-la land at the gym!If she does this sort of thing now, she might do it to me if we get together. You think it’s fate to fall in love with a married woman? Like my cousin Rabbi Love says, “There’s going to be a day of reckoning, my son.” You have to memorize “ Who set you up as God, Diego? Diego, your girlfriend has already betrayed her husband! You have to quit your gym and join another one somewhere else. And whenever she sends you a message, hit DELETE DELETE DELETE!We tell each other we should stop talking, but a couple days go by and one of us will cave in.Then we’ll talk, realize that we shouldn’t be doing this because she wants to be a good person and not betray her husband, and I don’t want the bad karma, so we’ll stop talking. Doc, I know what you say in “The System” about women like Maddie, but I am just so in love with her.She was thinking about leaving her husband before she found out that she was pregnant and after only knowing me for a couple months. I need to know the truth, and you’re an expert in this area. Once a woman is pregnant with a child who belongs to someone else and you’re going to bed with her, you couldn’t be doing any more wrong. And wow, I didn’t realize that if Maddie cheats on her husband, she just might cheat on you! I strongly believe that one day Maddie’s going to be mine and we’re going to be together. She has been dating prior to me, but I don't think it has been as serious as us.

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It’s impossible for us to stop communicating with each other either via text or phone.I’ve read it three times and have taken extensive notes. I struck up a conversation with her and found out that she’s married to a guy I knew in high school.Maddie and I started talking more frequently, which turned into working out together, then turned into hanging out outside of the gym, which turned into being physical with each other.In the past, a married woman is so stay at home to do household chores.But now, with the freedom to have their own career and occasional shopping trips with the girls, more and more women are taking up this opportunity to seek other men to fulfill their sexual desires or just for friendship. This is going to be a complicated relationship, so quit if you know you are not going to handle it well.

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