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Among those, 3 papers dealing with the treatment of patients with CSU were excluded from analysis because of their open design, 2 employing cetirizine and one that utilized ebastine [].

Another study by Metz et alwas also excluded because it assessed exclusively the effects of a 20 mg dose of rupatadine in patients with acquired cold urticaria whereas no comparisons with other doses of the drug were done [ summarizes the details from 8 double-blind, placebo-controlled studies included in this report.

* Desloratadine 10 mg vs Desloratadine 120 mg, Desloratadine 10 mg vs Levocetirizine 10 mg, Desloratadine 10 mg vs Levocetirizine 20 mg, Desloratadine 20 mg vs Levocetirizine 10 mg, Desloratadine 20 mg vs Levocetirizine 20 mg, Levocetirizine 10 mg vs Levocetirizine 20 mg, Bilastine 40 mg vs Bilastine 80 mg p n.s.

¶ Desloratadine 10 mg vs Bilastine 40 mg p = 0.006.

However, fexofenadine, rupatadine, and bilastine showed significantly higher efficacy than desloratadine or levocetirizine, and rupatadine had higher efficacy than fexofenadine.CSU has been defined as wheals and/or angioedema that are endogenous and independent of any external physical stimulus. In 40 to 45% of patients with CSU autoantibodies to the high affinity Ig E receptor (FcϵRI) or to Ig E itself are thought to play a psathogenic role, whereas 55 to 60% of cases are considered idiopathic [].Inducible urticarias include all forms of physical urticarias (cold-induced, heat-induced, solar, and pressure urticaria).The best responses were obtained with fexofenadine, rupatadine, and bilastine.The statistical comparison of the data is shown in Figure .

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