Affiliate commission dating residual

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Their marketplace, is massive, easy to use, and (by all accounts) ever-expanding (although I couldn’t find hard data to support that)..

They also have a lot of experience with affiliates and have lots of ways to keep both affiliates and publishers happy.

Amazon is a And among general goods retailers, 8.5% is pretty high. It’s been high on purpose because if Amazon attracts the most affiliates, it makes the most money.

Most categories, however, got cut, especially for affiliates who were consistently hitting the 8.5% commissions tier.

Many got reduced to 4.5% or lower, and a few (like wine) even got reduced to 0%. That’s something even most major retailers can’t match--at least not for every conceivable type of product.

In other words, Amazon is still great, and for most authority sites, it’s where I would start.

rather than simply targeting good keyword and finding whatever products fit the article (a major advantage of places like Amazon).

The biggest benefit of CJ, of course, is the incredible diversity of digital goods--especially infoproducts and software, which make it possible to earn money outside of the physical product-dominated world of Amazon.

Additionally, they make it pretty easy to promote upsells and products that generate recurring commissions, and from my personal use, I’ve found the interface, user experience, and payments to all be pretty good.

Finally, they’re one of the few I’ve found who have any sort of training.

For Click Bank, it’s in the form of a “Click Bank University,” a paid program.

They also aren’t going to have specialized or top-of-the-line goods (e.g.

if you’re publishing content about gaming computers, it might be difficult to recommend the mostly average PCs Target sells).

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