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Original Hindu Kush highland Indica crossed with a powerful and vigorous original Skunk phenotype.

This "queen of Indica" reflects purple, orange and red highlights.

It is also a fungus-resistant plant recommended for outdoor growing in places with high humidity.

Has a strong brain effect for those who prefer a creative and energizing effect.

indica 20% - sativa 80% Flowering Time: 63-77 days Yield: 500-600 g/m2 THC: 22.9%/CBD: 1.06% buzz: clear head uplifting body, fast onset taste/smell: pine with woody overtones enviroment: indoor/outdoor With this new variety we expand our sativa''''s catalog with another plant that will give much to talk about, because it is a short flowering plant Sativa’s lovers cannot overlook at it.

It is not suitable for novice growers because if you get a bit distracted, or the plant is stressed at the beginning of flowering, it tends to spin out its vigorous growth and also delayed flowering.

This hybrid shows off proudly the characters that have made its parents famous, delighting us with its large, dense buds of blue borders, with surprising hints of blueberries and red berries, nuances that turn into creamy fruity panaché in your mouth.

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When subjected to low temperatures the colour turns a bluish purple.

From our genetic pantry comes an explosive mixture of flavor…

two of the plants that have made history in the world of cannabis for their performance, flavor and unique nuances: the Critical , sativa-like, but with strong indica input, paired with a variety of indica looked-like and a great sativa details: the lavender.

A newly created classic with an undeniable standard of quality.

85% Indica / 15% Sativa Flowering Time: 48-53 days Taste: tropical fruit, mango and coconut followed by sharp gassy undertones Efects: Strong cerebral effects are followed by a relaxing body high.

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