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Angelina Jolie Pitt filed for divorce from Brad Pitt on Monday, September 19, after over 10 years together and two years of marriage amid rumors he had an affair with his costar Marion Cotillard.

But did the French actress — an Oscar winner just like Jolie Pitt — play a role in the split that rocked the world? Immediately after the shocking news broke Tuesday, September 20, Page Six reported that Jolie Pitt, 41, hired a private investigator to spy on her husband, 52, on the set of his latest film, Allied, in which he stars alongside Cotillard, 40.

: I want to talk about those disappointments including what your in laws said to you.

Which when I read those in the pre-interview notes I was shocked.

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We’ve real entrepreneurs who spend an hour and break down the process they went through to build their company and show you the highs, and also show you the setbacks, the challenges, that they’ve had along the way and how they got through them. But, in my world, when I had started my business 18 years ago, my prior career had a lot of perks, and meetings, and travel, and resorts, and really great stuff.

It’s really the journey and it gave us the security to do a lot of other things that have probably that would have made me work a little harder.

Many vendors we’ve had years of relationship building, but we leverage our current volume to negotiate a program or a discount program for small to medium size businesses to save on their everyday supplies and services. But during that, their goal was to negotiate and propose a deal, a financial deal, for exclusivity of ABN and all of our sister sites. To propose such a sort of exciting financial proposal to become the sort of sole source in that category. : You told Jeremy Wise our producer here at Mixergy when he pre- interviewed you, “I got off the flight and we made a deal and at that point I knew, I would not have to work again.” It was, I knew you were doing well before then but, that’s one of those deals that changes the business.

So simply by joining ABN free, you’re going to have access to about 50 or 60 national vendors, everything from shipping, to travel, to supplies, office supplies, computer supplies. : Yeah, and you sort of get that feeling but obviously you keep working.

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