Already dating an unbeliever

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I asked her if she would write out her testimony about this experience, and I am so grateful that she agreed.Her name is Angela Mc Innes, now happily married to James, a student for the ministry at the Free Church Seminary in Inverness, Scotland.Your only question now is whether, in addition to being a fornicator, you will also be an orphan-maker.The Bible tells us that one who does not “provide for his relatives, and especially for members of his household” has “denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever” (1 Tim. The Scripture also tells us we are to give to everyone what is due (Rom. What is due to the woman you have impregnated and the child you have conceived?The question here is not whether you will be yoked unequally with an unbeliever. The question is whether you can or should get out of it.

The “hottest” response I’ve had to anything I’ve written on this blog came after I posted the text of an email I had written to a young Christian woman (name withheld), begging her to end her relationship with a non-Christian man.I don’t believe the sexual union, in and of itself, constitutes a marriage.There is a reason, after all, that there is a biblical category for “fornication,” sex outside of the covenant of marriage.I posted some clarifications in the comments which seemed to stem the flow of hostility!Not long after this, I was contacted by another young woman I know, who told me how thankful she was to her pastor for warning her about a similar relationship.

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