Am i too intimidating to women christian singles dating events

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I wear glasses & am kind of a bookworm, but at the same time I dress... I'm a pretty quiet person, not overweight, medium height, friendly, reserved & shy. It is because they can tell that you are not an easy conquest.I wear glasses & am kind of a bookworm, but at the same time I dress nicely & am not like a "librarian" type. I bet, you do not go around having sex with anyone and anything on two legs. Do not change your colors for anyone, they simply aren't worth the effort. You are very special, that is why only a very special man will be worth your trust.Practice giving your point of view in a gentler way and allowing others to speak without pointing out their mistakes.Allow others to take care of you rather than always being in the leadership role.When we served a synagogue we saw a number of women who had made themselves so aggressive in the pursuit of their careers that they had stifled their femininity. Once l was able to grow past that, found what l thought was a “good man”, married and had children — he decided years later it “was not for him”.So in raising children alone, and having to shoulder all the weight of Life alone can make one “less feminine”. Though it is hardly ubiquitous, many of the women I’ve worked with professionally had apparently sacrificed their femininity on the altar of vocation under the mistaken belief that it had somehow made them appear soft and weak.We don’t know who calls you intimidating and a “tough act to follow,” but whoever is doing so may be trying to point you in the right direction.

After a 2 year relationship I am single again, and let me just say that I am dreading being single again...

I have found that I need to gently mention my (minor) career in Landscape Architecture to get respect for being anything more than a stay-at-home mom.

My drive for a family runs deep because I grew up with a very splintered family; sick mother, special needs siblings, father running as hard as he could to keep this together and often exploding in rage.

We sincerely wish you speedy success in meeting a worthy partner.

Gently yours, Rabbi Daniel and Susan Lapin Thank you, Mike. Sometimes it is not the rigors of “career chasing” that hardens a woman, but the hard times that come from not having the nuturing, help, love and companionship that a true Godly man should show and give a woman. Without a proper family foundation (from the father) and spiritual covering (from a husband), many women “fend for themselves”, making them tough, hardened, and more aggressive …without the woman realizing it. as l, too am ’50-something’ woman without a man, who grew up in a dysfunctional, abusive home.

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