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“There goes my golf season.”Cahill walked out of the intensive care unit a day later.

Nurses said he was the first person they’d ever seen do that.

It’s hardly news that steroid use is rife in certain sections of British gym-going.

In the BBC’s survey, eight per cent of respondents said they had taken anabolic steroids while playing sport, including 14 per cent of cyclists.

National 12-hour champion Robin Townsend handed four-year ban for doping offence Our survey suggests a much lower prevalence of steroid use in cycling, less than one per cent, though the widespread use of steroids in gyms must be taken seriously.

Cahill said he wasn’t scared because he’s “too stupid." The opinion did not prevent him for dialing his fiancée as he arrived at his car.“I’m not the smartest guy in the world,” Cahill said.

“I should’ve gone to the emergency room then.”But he didn’t. The following morning, a trip to Waukesha Memorial Hospital and ensuing CAT scan resulted in nurses hooking him up with multiple IV’s. Hours later, he was transferred to the intensive care unit.“I was like, ah, shoot, I’m going to get my brain operated on,” Cahill said.

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