American man dating turkish women questions to ask a guy while online dating

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I don’t think they (some of them) are aware that the questions they ask are absurd but it gets so annoying that I sometimes ask myself if they are well in their minds.When I first came here and I was unpacking my clothes, my roommates asked if I bought my clothes in “Africa” or in another country because they assumed that there are no clothes in “Africa”.Thus, most of us wash our hair once or twice a week; it depends on the individual and rest assured it won’t smell.If you are are Black in Turkey (and in other countries too), you will be asked “silly questions”; be ready to answer them. In my recent posts I have talked about my personal experiences abroad but this time on behalf of all black people in Turkey, I don’t care whether you are an African American or a black African; as long as you are black this is probably your everyday life story and these are just higlights.Many people have asked me what’s it like being black in Turkey and I have often responded by telling them that had they asked me that question two years ago I would have said it’s a nightmare that I wish upon no enemy of mine.I am sitting here thinking of how I should introduce this topic to you because I have a lot to say. My name is Mosa and I am an African; you already knew that didn’t you? While back at home, I never really thought much about my race until I came to Turkey.

When you are black in Turkey, you are definite you will be gawked at.It is not necessary to wash it as many times as you do because it does not retain moisture.If we wash our hair as often as you do, we would be striping our hair’s nutrients and that can cause breakage.Through our extensive profiles, members can learn about each other before meeting in person.Our great quality assurance and customer service means all you have to worry about is looking good in your photo.

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