An unknown error occurred while validating the server dns dating dating home tiscali cz link online service

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The Mi Collab Client connector on the MBG is not enabled or is configured incorrectly. The certificate of the Mi Collab Client Service is self-signed.

Make sure that the certificate is correctly installed on both MBG and Mi Collab Server.

This is especially useful in resolving internet names to their associated IP addresses.

In other words, the local DNS server will forward all the queries that it receives for names ending with that specific domain name to the conditional forwarder specified.

Once you have configured your DNS server, you can test your settings by going to the "Monitoring" tab.

The following limitations apply: To run the Diagnostic test with Mi Cloud deployments: For Mi Cloud deployments, users belong to different customer sites.

Therefore, you must set the 'Config Download Host' field in the deployment profile to the configuration download hostname of the user's site in order for the Diagnostic test to function correctly.

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