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The character is more prominent and far more sinister in the final instalment as he helps the trio to rob the wizarding bank, Gringotts, but he also re-appears as Flitwick during the final battle.

by having a multi-versal serial killer who travels between worlds, becoming steadily more powerful as he assassinates his alternate selves until he arrives at his last target, who seemingly lives in 'our' timeline.

The dramatic use of actors playing multiple characters is a bold and rather theatrical device that has its ups and downs.

It goes at least as far back as Captain Hook being played by the same actor who plays the Darling children's father in stage productions of In a film that has no shortage of visual gags and running jokes, one of our favourites is the curious case of Bill Bailey's Sergeant Turner, who mans the front desk at Sandford's police station.

In the centre of it all, Rush imbues the character with palpable insecurity and egotism and makes for one of the better celebrity biopics in recent memory.

French-Canadian director Denis Villeneuve has had two films in UK cinemas this year- the highly acclaimed and very dark .

In his most extreme casting here, he plays the terrifying chief of the Kona tribe, a bunch of war-painted cannibals who menace the survivors of post-apocalyptic Hawaii.

In keeping with Sellers' tenacity for dual roles, (more on which later) Stephen Hopkins' biopic gives Geoffrey Rush plenty to chew on.

Indeed, aside from playing Strangelove and Clouseau and his myriad other characters, there are various soliloquies from his loved ones, in the form of Rush, as Sellers, imitating their voices or dragging up to address the audience.

moons over 'gangster princes' Reginald and Ronald Kray in a weirdly nostalgic fashion, to the tune of £18 million at the UK box office to date.

Love or hate its portrayal of crime in 1960s London, there's no denying that Tom Hardy goes absolutely Kray Kray in creating the central double act, mustering twice the physicality that's usually so celebrated in his performances.

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