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After some time, it turned out that I was going on a family vacation to Miami, and I’d finally get to meet Rafa and Dan. I’d been tasked with remembering every single detail about them for our post-meeting debrief phone call.It seemed like the most important thing I’d ever have to do—the climactic moment in our ongoing performance as two cool chicks with equally cool boyfriends who just happened to live hundreds of miles away.

We began IMing incessantly until we finally agreed to meet one summer day at 2pm to see a showing of Legally Blonde, and after he briefly felt me up, I had my first real kiss.We’d talk about more serious stuff, like our families—his struggles being raised by a single mom, what it was like for me growing up as an only child, and how we missed each other even though we’d never met.It was strange to feel such an intimate connection and feel so close to a person I’d never physically laid eyes on.The spell was broken, reality set in, and we never spoke again.Months later, my next relationship would also begin online.

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