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The next day the Charging Bull was news all around the world, and enormous crowds of excited onlookers and media surrounded the mysterious sculpture that had come from no one knew where.The sculpture was removed at the end of the day by the NYSE, but thanks to then Parks Commissioner Henry Stern, Mayor Ed Koch and Arturo Piccolo of the Bowling Green Association, a permanent home was found for the Charging Bull close by at Bowling Green.The previous night he’d gone to the location with a chronometer to check – noting that every 5 – 6 minutes the police patrol would come by, so he saw he’d have to drop the bull and get away within 4 ½ minutes.

The Skin of the Charging Bull Is Less Than an Inch Thick, But it Still Weighs Over 3 ½ Tons - That Gives You a Sense of the Scale of the Piece and the Many Months of Work Required Even After the Design, Model and Casting Have Been Completed.

Photograph by Matt Carasella Born 1971 in Brixlegg, Austria Lives in Brooklyn, NYThroughout her career, Ulrike Müller has explored issues of gender and queer experience, and questioned how collaboration can trouble fixed notions of identity.

Those commitments manifest subtly in her installation for the 2017 Biennial, which Müller sited in a transitional space, a passageway that she extended, painted, and transformed to create an almost sculptural presence.

It was his most ambitious and massive work of sculpture to date, so large that the Bull had to be cast in separate bronze pieces and then laboriously welded together and hand finished.

Once completed at the end of 1989, it weighed over three and a half tons and measured 18 feet long.

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