Audrina and jason dating the hills

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It was one of those things where producers really wanted us to be together, and we both knew we didn’t have that kind of chemistry.

The magic of editing always created a little more than there was.

Agreeing to the spinoff had been an easy choice for the then-20-year-old.

“I really loved Laguna and had such a great experience,” she recalls to Us. It was time to get a job, so I was like, Yes, this!

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Lauren and I talked, even though we were separated.THE EARLY DAYS Once Conrad signed on, she recruited her newly minted bestie Heidi Montag.(Recalls Conrad of their brief stint at San Francisco’s Academy of Art University, “She just walked up to me in class, said hello and offered to share a cab home.This is what I want to do.” “This” turned into a glossy pop-culture phenomenon that transfixed up to 4.8 million viewers each week, launched countless real-or-scripted debates and introduced the world to the likes of Speidi, Justin Bobby and that iconic phrase: “You know what you did!” At the height of Hills hysteria, the stars posed for the cover of Rolling Stone, then–presidential candidate Barack Obama quipped he’d use his power to end the feud between Conrad and Heidi Montag, fans scooped up TEAM LAUREN and TEAM HEIDI tees from hip L. boutique Kitson and, recalls Conrad, tour buses would drive past the Spanish-style Hollywood Hills spread she shared with Lauren “Lo” Bosworth and Audrina Patridge, blasting Natasha Bedingfield’s “Unwritten,” the show’s beloved theme song. To honor the show’s 10th anniversary, she and her castmates chat with Us about mascara-laced tears, sex tape rumors and all those nights at Les Deux.

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