Automatic updating vista

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The best way to fix this is to go into programs and features in control panel, click on view installed updates and look for the update that failed to load. Uninstall this update, restart your computer and then apply the update again. Hope this halps First thing I would say is Vista operating system is like poking a sharp object in your eye over and over again. I recently switched back to XP and I was having the same issues it refused to up date and Microsoft tech could not resolve the issue. I ended up uninstalling Explorer 7 and up dating to Explorer 8 and it allowed the automatic updates to finally work. Try this: create a DOS batch file (a text file) named with the following commands:net stop wuauservregsvr32 %windir%\system32\wups2.dllnet start wuauserv And run it. "SIGH ROLLING MY EYES" & No there not going to charge you, the trick is to get past the 1st call the rep who puts you through tech dept you have to agree to pay by cc then they put your call through & then tell the tech its microsofts problem & not yours that you should not have to pay & its free, it works for me every time First try right clicking windows update and run as the administrater,if that doesn't work open windows explorer,the one with no addons go to tools and click update.You did not say if you were able to get any updates at all so if none of the above works try going to windows/validation and run the tool,the only other reason an update won't work is some need to be installed befor others.Given their abilities to better troubleshoot such issues using their own diagnostic tools and non-public reference databases, I recommend you to begin a new support incident. My other symtoms were Vista would not recognize my virus protection program nor let me run MS Defender. I wondered you been caught by Vista update problem for a week, which never occur for me.There are simply too many possibilities and too much data in the resulting log files to adequately address in a forum setting, though others are more than welcome to provide their own suggestions. John I had a similar issue and got an error code that didn't make sense and there was nothing on-line. It turned out that I shouldn't have left the old Office 2003 software installed when I upgraded to Office 2007, this caused all Windows office updates to fail. I format first HDD and re-install Vista every 3 ~ 6month, and it take you 1~2 hours at most.It detects that there are updates available, but when I give the command to download, it attempts to and then say it failed. message ID=3052458#3052458 Check your services --Submitted by darrenforster99 message ID=3052473#3052473 I would try a Vista Repair --Submitted by Pudgy One

I hope this helps GL;-}Hi Jason, it isn't obvious from your question whether you are explicitly running Windows Update or using Windows Update's Automatic Update feature.

First - check the error code windows update will generate when it fails - most likely it some device driver which conflicts with the update.

In my case it was the display drivers which needed to be rolled back to earlier version and that enabled the updates once again.

For some reason, I never get a notification that the downloads are complete.

The only indication is when I shut the system down and there is a little shield on the shutdown button.

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