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The language spoken in England at the time of the Norman invasion was the Anglo-Saxon, that of the conquerors, the Norman- French. Such words ought never to have been admitted into a Dictionary of this language, and their insertion has been owing to its being confounded •with the Ilindin. The derivations of Sanscrit and Hiudiii words have been omitted.

From the mixture of these two the English language was formed, which iu ( iv ) its grammatical forms is entirely Anglo-Saxon, but in the greater part of its words, is of French and Latin origin. They are of little use or interest except to the Sanscrit student, and may be found generally in Sanscrit dictionaries. To form the Accu- sative of certain nouns used as ad- verbs only in Hindustani, when it is added at the end. To form the feminine of Adjectives as hamr (red), hamra.

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But the Musalmans have spread over the whole of India, from north to south, and from east to west.

d'r OZARIO AND CO., TANK SQUARE, AND AT THE BAPTIST MISSION PRESS. The Bengali, Hindui, and Marhatta, although each the Ver- nacular idioms of many millious of men, are yet circumscribed within the limits of particular provinces, beyond which they are hardly known.

In looking out a word in the Dictionary, one wishes to get at the meaning at once, and not to be delayed by the derivation. (long), akar : it always has this sound when superscribed by the sign Madda. In Abjad (the representa- tion of numbers by letters) Alif stands for one, and in Astronomy denotes the sign Taurus. — or as an interjec- tional sign, as Bad-a, How bad ! — or to form abstract nouns from adjectives, as Garma, Heat, from Garra, hot.

As the majority of the words in Urdu are of Arabic origin, the uti Uty of this Appendix is obvious, since any one by mastering the list of roots and understanding the rules of deriva- tion, may easily remember the meaning of every Arabic word in the lan- guage. a (unaccented), corresponding to the Debnagri akar. Be- tween two words it denotes continui- ty, proximity, or conjunction, as Shab- a-shab, Sar-a-pa, &c.

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