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With regards to the concourse itself, Gale made reference to the concessions and stores that will be available to all travelers, as well as something unique to a terminal, power to each seat in the concourse so all travelers will be able to charge their devices directly where they are seated.However, Gale remarked the project does not end with the completion of Concourse A.Review submitted The Egypt Experience was a trip of a lifetime!Egypt is a must for those who want to experience the history we only are able to see in textbooks and on the internet.Intrepid took excellent care of us and the people of Egypt made us feel welcome.

Current international destinations will increase on June 4th with new flights to Montego Bay, Jamaica, Belize City, Belize, Grand Cayman and Cancun, Mexico.

Southwest was granted permission to build an extension to the current Concourse A in Terminal 1 due to the increasing international destinations being commenced that needed additional facilities at the airport.

Initial construction for this terminal, that will accommodate an additional 5 gates, began in July 2015 and will also provide customs and immigration facility that will allow these gates to handle both international and domestic travel.

As far as history goes, many texts indicate that the Mestizo community owes its origins to Gonzalo Guerrero - a shipwrecked Spanish sailor who despite being initially enslaved by the Maya later impressed them with his military prowess and was embraced by the Maya.

It is said that he became a great ally to the Maya in the struggle against the Spanish conquistadors in Belize.

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