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When I visited them a week later, Saleem was still withdrawn.He took me to his school, where he had to collect forms for junior college.With the light from next door falling on it, my mosquito net becomes a screen for the cats giant moving shadow. But this leopard-shaped piece of the night has somehow got in, and prowls the borders of my sleep. my friend, lets call him Saleem, announced on the phone.He lives in a village in Bengals South 24 Parganas, and was referring to his secondary board exams.

He was sweeping the floor before sitting down on it to teach, when he accidentally swished his own leg with the broom. As his mother carried him home, he passed out after hurling himself against a tree near which there had been a murder.My eyes meet those of a pack of dogs frozen in mid-hunt by my footsteps. But the world of animals and insects is ruled by fear, revulsion and cruelty.I wake the ironing man on his cart and beg him to reach me home. Think of snakes, rats, lizards, bats, cockroaches, wasps and ants.Many of the children were used by the police to carry corpses from the railway tracks to the morgue after accidents and suicides. But he had set an alarm on his mobile phone and fallen asleep.He had to get up early next morning for maths tuitions.

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