Benzino and karlie really dating

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The two got engaged in Paris on the show two seasons ago. He needs a woman that’s about her business and can be an asset to him,” Redd said slyly.After their breakup on last season’s “Black Ink,” fans have held out hope that the two tattoo artists would rekindle their love affair, but Redd has other plans. “And for all the people that keep saying he’s going to go back to his ex, they can get out of my DM.” Emanuel echoed Redd’s words, “I’m definitely not going back.Although “LHHATL” viewers have seen Redd linked to several others such as Benzino, Lyfe Jennings, Roscoe Dash, etc.she seemed genuinely excited about the possibility of having finally found love with Ceaser.Benzino even posted a screenshot of the call with Stevie J to Instagram to commemorate finally making up with his best friend. ” This may be true, too, because Stevie J has reportedly dumped Joseline Hernandez and this time, it looks like it might be for good.Both Stevie J and Benzino appeared shirtless in the Face Time screenshot that was captioned, “AM I MY BROTHERS KEEPER?!?! Drama between the couple was at an all-time high when Joseline reportedly ruined k worth of Stevie J’s belongings in a jealous rage.

It seems the best friends let women get in the way, and now that Stevie J has moved on from Joseline Hernandez, it’s safe for Benzino to be friends with his best pal again.

Not to mention that Benzino is having a bit of woman trouble of his own, with Althea Heart lashing out on Instagram about their never-ending issues.

Benzino and Stevie J made up during a Face Time call on Saturday, according to VH1.

Just a few weeks back, Benzino posted a picture of himself and Baby Zino to Instagram.

Immediately, Althea commented on the post and called Benzino out for being an absentee dad and posting pictures of his son on social media to look like he spends way more time with him than he really does.

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