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Locals were in uproar at the noise and disruption caused by the visitors, with a loud generator on constantly and truckloads of rubbish being ferried in and out all day.

The encampment - made up of several families – was set up after the travellers gained access to the privately-owned site on Monday night.

Nadezhda Srivastava (right) has spoken out for the first time since almost getting mauled to death by a tiger when she accidentally locked herself in a cage at a Russian zoo.

The terrifying moment (left and inset) was photographed and went viral as the experienced zookepper was left fighting for her life in hospital.

The military (top left and main) appears to have brought an end to Mr Mugabe's long, 37-year reign in what the army's supporters praised as a 'bloodless correction'.

Grace, his wife, is said to have fled to Namibia according to an opposition MP, though there has been no official confirmation of her whereabouts.

More than 15 caravans and trucks were this week stationed on the site, which is next to a quiet residential street in Surbiton, South-West London, where apartments cost an average £320,000.The court was told how Davies kept a diary about her pregnancy in which she said 'pregnancy is p***ing me right off' and complained how the 'monstrosity' made her 'feel fat'.The couple were living together in Bolton when Davies gave birth to a baby boy on August 23 2016, a jury heard.His family say they are all extremely stressed because he did not start his journey home on Sunday as planned.And they are also ‘very cross’ with the 57-year-old for refusing to take a phone or GPS tracking device.

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