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Right there: a blowtorch and a brown bag stuffed with scald-on-contact pellets. It is the sum of personal adventure and forty years of scholarship. I did what I did and saw what I saw and learned my way through to the rest of the story. A three-burner hot plate juked small-batch conversions. Masked Man #1 opened the driver’s side door and reached under the seat. I bugged and tapped and caught big events in ellipses. My surveillance links the Then to the Now in a never-before-revealed manner. My reportage is buttressed by credible hearsay and insider tattle. This book derives from stolen public files and usurped private journals. I am here to tell you that it is all true and not at all what you think. Beakers, vats and Bunsen burners filled up wall shelves. Wayne blundered into the hit plot in post-hit free fall. Wayne clashed with Maynard Moore and tried not to kill Wendell Durfee. Masked Man #1 stood up and crouched under the gun slit. The guard jumped and hit the pavement on his knees. More stations, above and below ground, will be built in the future and they could also have shops and stores. In fact, he has established a department to sift through unsolicited ideas to expand Metro's imagination and vision.

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He pulled a gas bomb from his pouch and yanked the top. A Wells Fargo armored car clipped the milk truck side/head-on. The two other guards fumble-grabbed at their holsters. He said he'd like to see some companies make proposals to Metro for such enterprises in the stations.After lunch, one of his aides told me that the Century City station of the Purple Line Wilshire subway may be the first to offer rider-friendly commercial enterprises.

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