Beverly d allen covenant dating the biblical path to marriage

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It's been said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over yet expecting different results.

Evangelist Beverly Allen chronicles the lives of prominent women in the Bible identifying that although they may have had a checkered past, that it did not diminish their value or contribution. Only a fool will stand convinced that Satan can be outsmarted by our own devices.

We too must realize with Gods grace and mercy, we can overcome any past failures, missteps, and bad decisions. Simpson, Author The Ultimate Plan: A Financial Survival Guide for Lifes Unexpected Events Women are being led into relationships that rob them of their innocence. Beverly Allen writes a compelling case for women to stand in the holiness that God intended.

But obedience to God and His Word, which protects your heart, emotions, and above all your spiritual relationship with God, will.

Covenant Dating can help all those seeking a marriage partner to abide by God's intended plan to take you to help-meet status as a covenant partner.

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