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P has never admitted to having a girlfriend in totality, nor has he ever been confirmed to be dating any other famous K-pop idol.

P will venture into a new on-screen relationship with Japanese actress Ueno Juri beginning next month.

Media outlets reported that the pair was dating based on their interactions on the photo sharing app, as they have been spotted liking each others’ photos for quite an amount time.

However, rumours only gained traction when it was revealed that Asia Chow had visited South Korea recently. P and Asia Chow are an item, it did not stop overly obsessive fans from leaving death threats.

YOU ARE READING Random all this scenarios does not belong to me. [the author allowed me to copy these scenarios to wattpad] so please don't put this book as copyright. You And Jiyong have been dating for a couple of months and you could say things are progressing fast. He was huffing angrily while you couldn't make up a word. You closed your eyes in fear till you felt Seunghyun's cold and soft lips on yours. Seunghyun nibbled on your lip asking for you to relax. " you yelled, breaking apart making him pant while looking at you. But I am cheating on Jiyong and I feel disgusted with myself" He then did something that surprised you. IF YOU GUYS WANNA REQUEST, PLEASE COMMENT ' ME' IN THE COMMENTS.

Title: When he is in love with you but you are dating another member of Big Bang (G-Dragon) (Part 1) In this imagine, you & Seunghyun is not in a relationship. You watched Jiyong dance while you were mesmerized. The dance, the rap and the image was all so perfect. don't talk" he commanded as he shut the door and ran a hand through his hair frustratedly. He securely placed both of his arms up trapping you in between. He scoffed and said "You are lying" "How would you know? " "Because I'll be damned if you fall into his arms" he whispered darkly before leaning forward.

Her trip to the country is also heavily documented on her Instagram, but sadly, it has garnered many negative and terrible comments from fans. Fortunately, there are some fans who are supportive of the news and left positive messages in a bid to drown out the negativity. P has been accepted as a member of the band in the Seoul District Police and will be enlisting in the army on 9th February 2017.

When it comes to the topic of relationships pertaining to popular K-pop group Big Bang, G-Dragon is often brought up. The rare, personal tidbit was revealed during a press conference for T. It seems they actually support in a way business kind of way, but one that is personal. may not have time to be dedicated to any relationship now that he is taking his acting career more seriously which will compliment his music career of course. It will run for 18 episodes, each about ten minutes in length.Just seeing you cheering for Jiyong on and then come back giving you a kiss on the cheek make him feel disgusted. He thought that you should be doing those things to him. He placed a soft gaze upon your way as he thought he shouldn't be desperately in love with you right now. You were Jiyong's girl, not his but he can't get you out of his head. "Hey, I am going to go first, meet me at home okay babe? Jiyong walked through the door while you bent down to pick up your purse. He couldn't sleep, eat, or do anything because of you. His hands roamed around your waist while you melted into it giving him the chance to kiss you passionately. Your mind was screaming but kissing Seunghyun felt so perfect and so comfortable. You thought again thinking and knowing that you were cheating on Jiyong. "I'm sorry, I forgot what this would do to Jiyong and me" he confessed. He should be the one getting the hug from you after dancing, he should be the one holding your hand while going on dates, he should be the one to feel your soft lips once you pressed it onto his..... He should have claimed you first, he knows it's messed up but by the way Jiyong was treating you, he knew Jiyong don't love you as much as he did. You rose back up till you saw Seunghyun standing there. "H-Hi" he stuttered You noticed there was something wrong and grabbed his hand asking "Is there something wrong? Your caring personality, cute face and humour was driving him insane. You both pulled away gasping for air before your lips found his again. "Yeah, you should have thought of that first" you mumbled. "Because I want to take my future girlfriend on a date" he admitted, making the both of you smile.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~IMPORTANT!! " His heart was pounding against his chest as you looked into his eyes "I'm fine" he replied. " Seunghyun asked darkening his voice on the word boyfriend. You were speechless and stuttered "Y-Yeah, you are my boyfriend's closest friend, you are basically like one of mine as well" "Oh" was all he could say. He tilted his head so both of you could be more comfortable. "I guess I was too in love with you that I wasn't thinking straight" he replied. "Oh, he went home early, said he was tired" you replied the asked "Aren't you tired too, I saw you do a hot dance" you asked jokingly. He then turned to you and said "See, you were lying, because if you weren't you wouldn't have kissed me back or feel something between us" he pointed out.

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