Black celibacy dating

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What is it that you hope to achieve most with Black

What I want to achieve most with Black Celibacy, is to bring awareness to the black community that celibacy is an option and for singles to be accountable for their actions.

That Sunday the message was mainly directed towards the singles and I was really moved by the pastor’s passionate effort to deliver the message.

During the service I remember looking around at the singles and feeling that they were taking in the message.

There have been many celebrities to come forward being transparent about their celibacy: such as Meagan Good and Devon Franklin, Lenny Kravitz, Tamera Mowry and many others.

If you could get on TV and you had one sentence to deliver a powerful message to the American people, what would that sentence be?

Your life is not defined by the choices you made in the past; it’s the choices you are making today.

I believe that with this environment, it will dispel some of the antiquated notions about celibacy. Growing up she was academically gifted, but came from a very adverse background. She was very determined and she obtained an advanced degree in her early twenties.

I would like to reach Celibate Singles and Singles considering celibacy by giving them options and resources that we have available to support their celibate lifestyle. She always led by example and until this day she is one of the few people I can truly count on.

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