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Anybody I knew from the past who was also gay in Rapid City had long since moved away. This was so different than the life I’d lived in Minneapolis over the past four years where I could walk into any store or café, see several gay men and lesbians, and not think twice about it. Granted, western South Dakota is about as conservative as Minneapolis is liberal.

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This shame leads to depression, alcoholism, and many other adverse effects that hinder personal growth. Minnesota is home to several Fortune 500 companies rated as top LGBT employers.

I was still invited to parties, went on road trips, and had a great group of friends.

After moving back to Rapid City from Minneapolis, I noticed that most of my friends here were straight, conservative men.

Along I-90, we have two great stops before you reach the Black Hills: The The Dakota Discovery Museum and Murdo’s Pioneer Auto Show featured in the American Pickers.

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