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In this book, Cloud and Townsend have tapped into a key biblical truth, that of .The Bible affirms that humanity was created by God to be actively involved in life. Our choices have consequences which affect us and others.These verses instruct us “to carry each other’s burdens” (v. 31) Thus, having clear boundaries does not preclude Christian love.

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Cloud and Townsend argue that knowing the boundaries of your own self, “where my yard begins and ends” (p.The book helps you to stop saying ‘Yes’ when you really feel like saying ‘No”.But I’m not so sure it helps you to say ‘Yes’ when you feel like saying ‘No’ but when ‘Yes’ is the right thing to say.But let me explain the reasons why I’d rate this book three stars. As we are led through a day in her ‘boundaryless’ life, we find a person who can’t say ‘no”.The beginning and end of this book—its boundaries (sorry, I couldn’t resist)—tell its story. She wants to do the right thing in her relationships but her choices lead to chaos, guilt and resentment. In the final chapter, this situation is transformed. It’s the same Sherrie, but with a different life, “characterised by freedom, self-control, and intimacy” (p.

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