Boyfriend has active online dating profile

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And maybe he or she isn't trying to cheat but I still say it's no good at all.Do you have a relationship, dating or sex question?I had used it quite a bit but then I neglected it when I joined and some other sites.Then, after a year of neglecting it I randomly received a message from a guy and then I was reminded that my profile was still on there and active.And honestly, I just believe that there comes a time when you stop and think I met this amazing person that I really care for so I should delete my profile.In short, I believe having a profile on a dating site equals your boyfriend or girlfriend is up to no good.Book your private conversation with THE GUYS by choosing the Ask a Private Question option on our site.Would you like to read what other clients say about us first?

To me, it says a whole lot about your respect for the other person and for the relationship you have with them.

Actually, if you have a profile I think it says that you aren't really sure about the relationship or that maybe you are keeping your options open for something better to come along. You can't even go with the idea that you forgot because that is just way too long to not even think about it.

I mean, something had to have triggered a reminder that you need to delete it, especially if we met off of the internet.

My situation was totally different because I was still single.

I genuinely believe that if I was in a relationship that one day I would have sat down and gone to any site that I have ever had a profile and make sure that it's not longer active.

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