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But maybe it was because I feel as giddy as a school kid right now with this whole romantic thing currently in my life. Two people, John Trager (John Cusack) and Sara Thomas (Kate Beckinsale, looking ever so hot), have a chance encounter over a pair of gloves -- with Buck Henry smack dab in the middle.

Charmed beyond repair, these two knuckleheads grab a sundae together at a café called Serendipity, talk about that irresponsible thing called fate and the avenues it leads people down, and spend a few hours at the local ice skating rink.

The following year, Moynahan starred alongside Aaron Eckhart, Michelle Rodriguez, and Michael Peña in the action science-fiction feature Battle: Los Angeles (2011).

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Later, they're at a dinner party, sitting side by side. Continue reading: Gray Matters Review The way it plays out is elegantly simple: Five men find themselves in a warehouse unsure of who they are or how they got there. One is handcuffed to a railing and has been shot in the shoulder. These desperate men slowly come to the realization that they are all involved in a kidnapping that went horribly awry. As the men talk memories filter back slowly: The man in the jean jacket (Jim Caviezel, Passion of the Christ) recalls a violent kidnapping, the man with the broken nose (Greg Kinnear) recalls running, the man in the rancher shirt (Barry Pepper) is sure he can only trust one of them.- New York, New York, United States - Saturday 12th April 2014Hugh Evans and Bridget Moynahan - Bridget Moynahan lights up the Empire State Building red and white in honor of 'The Global Citizen Festival' in Central Park - New York City, NY, United States - Thursday 26th September 2013I hate car alarms as much as the next guy, but make a feature film -- with Tim Robbins and William Hurt -- as a thinly-veiled diatribe against noise pollution? Noise offers Robbins as David Owen, a supernaturally angry New Yorker who eventually snaps after one too many car alarms distrub his piece and quiet.Rather than, say, move out of Manhattan, Owen takes a hammer, baseball bat, wire cutters, and whatever else is handy to demolish cars that ring out for no reason.She was cast in a supporting role in Serendipity (2001).Moynahan was also featured in the action film The Sum of All Fears (2002), spy thriller The Recruit (2003), the science-fiction movie I, Robot (2004), and the political thriller Lord of War (2005).

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