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Since then, she had succeeded in hiding, returning to the studio to start work on a sixth album.

On Sunday night, Brand hailed the "launch of a very new Britney Spears era", telling fans to "consider this the resurrection of Britney Spears" and venturing that "if there was a female Christ, it's Britney". ..Russell Brand is not so lucky With a fine disregard for the saccharine conventions of Hollywood, Russell Brand used his first major US gig to set back the cause of Anglo-American relations.

Spears won three statuettes at the MTV Video Music Awards in an evening hailed as the "resurrection" of her pop career.

Early days: her first appearance since the sectioning amounted to little more than sporting a beauty pageant smile and reading cue cards too fast. Nevertheless: progress since her slurring lip-synching – barely worthy of the name, it was so unco-ordinated – a year ago at the same event.

Her success was astounding, but it culminated in one of the most infamous mental breakdowns in pop culture history that played out between 20.

If there is anyone whose life arc would warrant a change of pace—a shift from “sex sells” to something (anything! Few survive what Spears has endured without a few scars. When Spears speaks of a new era but it sounds like more of the same, it’s possible that she’s referring to the shift we’ve seen to rebrand female sex appeal as a woman’s choice and not as submitting to men’s desires. of a hypersexualized industry that too often exploits women.” But the only thing that’s new, Orenstein notes, is that they “are being marketed as taking control.”Yes, a woman can deliver highly sexualized music and performances, and it appears to be her choice alone, but as Orenstein points out, “Those performers still work within a system that, for the most part, demands women look and present their bodies in a particular way in order to be heard, in order to be seen, in order to work.” These performers are “spinning commodified sexuality as a choice, one that may be profitable,” and the new trend is to call this empowering, but in reality, it’s the same old, same old.

"But I know America to be a forward-thinking country because otherwise why would you have let that retard and cowboy fella be president for eight years?

She said herself on Instagram that the album would be “a new era.” And when Spears conducted an AMA (ask me anything) on her Tumblr and a fan asked about her upcoming music video for the album’s lead single “Make Me,” Spears responded, “There’s lots of female empowerment.

All of this is to say that Spears’ life has been a roller coaster.

For all her hits, all her mistakes, all her moments—some enviable, others hard to watch—Spears appears to be impossibly enduring.

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