Brittany holmes and bug hall dating indian dating in singapore

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He captioned the pictures, "Congratulations to @Bug_Hall and @jilldegroff!

Most of the stars of the 1994 hit went on to lead their lives out of the spotlight, but to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the movie, the He-Man Woman Haters Club (along with the girls! The cast has admittedly gotten taller and less awkward since their big screen moment, but everyone looked the part as they reenacted scenes from the movie for the production company 22 Vision.

Just check out how cute (and attractive) Darla and Alfalfa look after all this time: A lot has changed since this: And the reunion madness gets better: Alfalfa and Spanky (Travis Tedford) even threw on tutus to reenact their scene. The whole cast dressed up to recreate the famous movie poster, to boot: Don't you wish the cast of every epic '90s movie did this?

After finding fame with "Rascals," Holmes essentially dropped off the Hollywood map for 20 years.

These days, when she's not traveling the world, the newly married Brittany lives in Los Angeles with her husband and is currently working on getting a degree.

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