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If this is something that Israel wants to do, it is their business to do it.But anyone who has tried to put the pressure on Israel to do this is wrong.One of the generals who was leading the British armies was a man named Allenby. He carried a Bible with him everywhere he went and he knew the significance of Jerusalem.The night before the attack against Jerusalem to drive out the Turks, Allenby prayed that God would allow him to capture the city without doing damage to the holy places.They were driven from the land in two dispersions: One in 70 A. The British knew they had to do something to punish Turkey, and also to break up that empire that was going to be a part of the whole effort of Germany in World War One.

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When it gets right down to it, the land doesn't make that much difference, because Yasser Arafat and others don't recognize Israel's right to any of the land. I will discuss seven reasons why Israel is entitled to the land they have and that it should not be a part of the peace process.In the beginning, there was some Arab support for this action. Even the olive and the cactus, those fast friends of a worthless soil, had almost deserted the country." Where was this great Palestinian nation? It quotes an account of the conditions on the coastal plain along the Mediterranean Sea in 1913.There was not a huge Arab population in the land at that time, and there is a reason for that. The Palestinian Royal Commission said: "The road leading from Gaza to the north was only a summer track, suitable for transport by camels or carts. The western part toward the sea was almost a desert.As a result, they were able to continue that supply.The British at that time said they were going to give the Jewish people a homeland. They were gratified that the Jewish people, the bankers, came through and helped finance the war.

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