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For the purposes of my project, I have achieved these requirements.The control has flaws to this point, in terms of general use (limiting the acceptable centuries comes immediately to mind), but it is a starting point.So before saving data, I want to validate whether all the required fields are filled (Text Boxes) by the user. I would rather use a generic function that would be passed each control on the form and based on the type of the control, separate validation logic would be written.in case extra validation like restricting validation to some of the controls only, that would be decided at the function calling level.From this point forward, attempts by client code to change the mask will fail, and throw a not implemented exception when the . As it is, the constructor parameter defaults to true, even when the default constructor is used.However, there are cases in which one might prefer to handle invalid date entry from the client code, and this parameter (and the member it sets) come into play at that point. The core of this control, and the reason I needed to build it, are evidenced in the following logic, which examines user input, and attempts to get it into the proper mm/dd/yyyy format.

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For my purposes, I needed to get this done fast, and the project I am working on will only ever require dates in the US-style format, so I opted to basically fix this as the only mask available. As you can see, for this work-specific implementation, I thwart attempts to change to a different mask, because the code to this point depends upon a final output format of Anything else will require more work.

But adapting the code to recognize and work with some other format should be a small problem.

In any case, the following code defines a class, method.

Managing date information within the framework (or any framework, really . Please feel free to fork, and if you make happy improvements, hit me with a pull request. Do we really want to require some date, if we don’t know the correct birthdate? Folks who are good, tab through fields, and enter data. Not to mention the temptation to stop the tab-type-tab workflow by making you pick from a popup calendar. MS seems to have tossed this aside, and delivered the lame control we have at our disposal in the . There are probably reasons for this, but I don’t know what they are.

The complete source code for this project (with a silly demo) is available on Github as a VS 2010 solution. For example, in entering form data for a person, we may or may not know their Date of Birth. While there are hacks and workarounds for this, most require some sort of painful validation checking in our code Never mind that the Date Time Picker is not the preferred data-entry choice for people who know how to tab through fields. Once upon a time, way back in MS Access, there existed a decent masking approach for entering date values into a textbox.

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