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Prior to 27 December 1987, the presenters and crew behind Seven News broadcast as Ten News Adelaide.However, as the television industry was consolidating in Australia, these news services had each become associated by ownership with interstate news services being broadcast on opposite frequencies; therefore, to simplify network interaction, their respective networks agreed to swap channel assignments and network affiliations in Adelaide. Aside: If row & columns make Excel 2D, sheets in a workbook act as 3rd dimension. This formula will go and fetch all the C5: C44 data from sheets Jan thru Jun and gives us the desired answer.So becomes ADDRESS(ROW(),3,1,1, TRANSPOSE()): This generates an array of cell addresses from rows 5 to 44, column 3 and sheets in sheet.names range. If we have not TRANSPOSE()ed either sheet.names or row numbers, we will not get full list of addresses. For example, what formula would work if we want to calculate maximum transactions in months Jan, Mar, Apr & Jun alone? Lets say our transaction data is in column C, in range C5: C44 in all sheets (same cells in all sheets) To calculate the max of all the transactions, we simply write: =MAX(! Related: Consolidating data from multiple sheets using 3D references. But what if you want to consider data only in a specific list of sheets (or months in our case)?Local News updates for Adelaide are typically presented by reporters in the early afternoon, followed by news presenters Jane Doyle, John Riddell or Jessica Adamson in the late afternoon and evening.

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SAS 10 employed actor Hedley Cullen as horror host Deadly Earnest, who was also seen in WA.

Currently the station produces Discover, Seven News and local editions of Today Tonight, which outrates the national A Current Affair.

The last edition of Seven News and Today Tonight was broadcast from the Gilberton studios in North Adelaide on 14 December 2007. The switch follows a media shake-up earlier this year, which left ADS in the hands of the owners of the Ten Network.

From 1973 to 1989 the Christmas Appeal telethon was held each year.

The game show Wheel of Fortune originally commenced recordings in ADS-7 studios in July 1981 on the Seven Network.

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