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While we're on the subject of Skype interview attire, one of the ‘dilemmas' facing the interviewee is that the interviewer won't be able to see what is below your waist - your ‘bottom half' as it were.

But the ‘Skype interview' as it's become known, is still something of a mystery to many. put the feelers out to its Facebook page visitors and found a number of them were a wealth of knowledge and information on the topic of Skype interviews.

However, Skype is now used by many companies as part of their recruitment drive.

If a company has a job applicant who for geographical reasons is unable to attend a traditional face-to-face interview, it's still possible to get a feel for the candidate's job suitability by interviewing them via webcam.

But that doesn't mean you shouldn't be wary of momentarily letting your guard down.

It's still an interview for a job and it's still a business conversation between two professional people (unless one of you is wearing the fishnet stockings) Resist the temptation to trade war stories. If the interviewer says "Oh you're calling from Ottawa.

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