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No, the YCC did not force Elliot Rodger to murder six people, but they gave him an outlet for his delusions, hate and entitlement to fester.Elliot needed psychiatric help, not reinforcement that women are sluts and bitches and targets and conquests and notches on bedposts.Don’t sacrifice who you are at your core in order to fulfill some foolish fantasy of what it means to be a man.I am good at writing, fitness, being a husband and a dad.

Don’t let someone preaching “be more alpha” strip away your real personality.These books seek to “redefine what it really means to be an alpha male.” Really, it’s not just a bunch of cock-sure, arrogant and self-entitled assholes. He is the leader, the one who gets all the bitches (literally) and keeps the other males in their place. The whole concept of their being an alpha male leader of the wolf pack who fought his way to dominance has been debunked.Alpha is a marketing gimmick, and it’s a not a good mindset to be going through life with.Well, yes, but the YCC has such an evil, toxic component to it that any merits it may have make the entire schema unworthy of existence in a civilized society that values equality and diversity.Before I get into this, I want you to know that this isn’t just me ragging on stuff.

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