Case studies for validating cnc machines

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The aluminum plates will eventually become a large component of a car.Since the product has no added material, the end result, post-weld, is a lighter, more energy-efficient vehicle.Low In the world of manufacturing, unnecessary downtime can cost a company thousands of dollars.When a valued JR customer came to us after experiencing this debilitating problem on one of their machines, we knew we had to work fast to sniff out the problem and ensure their machine was operating at its highest efficiency.Our customers from around the globe value our ability to solve complex manufacturing problems.

This process creates a strong weld, but adds weight to the original material.

With the added expense of creating separate tooling for all of the castings, and the additional time and expense involved in aiming these eight castings, our customer realized it was time for a new solution.

The challenge in producing the six heatsink pads was to maintain the profile tolerance to the 6 pads to within .4mm to the datum structure.

There are 17 individual features at each pad location, or 102 total features per casting that are critical to function.

Any missing feature results in a part that our customer cannot fully assemble.

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