Casey cobb dating

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“I can’t really say that Donald gave a lot of input — but he definitely did his fair share of assembling, lifting and measuring,” says Cobb.The finished product features a floral accent wall behind the crib, a mini table and chairs set for a reading station, a comfy chair and gold ottoman and several personal touches on various boards around the room.

1, could be the biggest court proceeding since Casey Anthony.

” After a moving first dance to a song by the groom’s pal Josh Radin, bluegrass band the Get Down Boys played as guests indulged in a menu from Whoa, Nelly, inspired by Cacee’s Southern roots: fried chicken, collard greens, sweet potato pie.

In lieu of a wedding cake, guests chowed down on apple pie, butterscotch pudding and red velvet mini-cakes.

According to Antonelli, the nursery represents both Cobb and her now 4-month-old baby girl.

“I would define Ca Cee’s decorating style as very carefree and a little bohemian.

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