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They allow you to use your home phones, including extensions in every room, to place and receive calls through your cellphone and your cellphone calling plan.

The two products are the RCA Cell Docking System from Thomson Inc.

However, we tried our trusty Motorola V551 cellphone once more, as it has Bluetooth capability, and it “discovered” and “paired” with the Dock-N-Talk.

Calling the cellphone worked just as it had with the cable — the cell rang, as did the two house phones.

We connected it to a cordless home telephone and used the same Motorola V551 cellphone for testing.

After setup, the Dock-N-Talk box had four cords running from it: a short phone cord running to the cordless phone, a longer phone cord running to a phone jack on the wall, a power adapter plug running to a wall socket, and a cellphone adapter cord attached to our Motorola.

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The RCA device wasn’t compatible with either of our cellphones — a Palm Treo 650 and a Samsung SCH-A670.Anyone with a cellphone is familiar with this scenario: You come home, take your jacket off, and set your purse or briefcase down near the door.A few hours later, you get your cellphone out of your bag to use it, only to find that you’ve missed three calls because you weren’t close enough to hear your phone ringing.(This handset also functions as a regular phone, in case you ever stop using it with the cellphone docking system.) Thomson lent us a Motorola V551 cellphone for testing, and we used an included cable to plug it into the dock — a clear plastic cradle where the phone can rest.We called the cellphone’s number, and as it’s designed to do, the cordless handset rang.

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