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You have complete freedom when no one knows who you are.There is no public responsibility or accountability.Nonetheless, we can make at least one distinction between the terms.Privacy refers to those who make their identities known while keeping some of their actions and information secret.That's not to say that you won't have a feeling of personal responsibility for how your words affect others, even when they don't know who you are.You may never get the opportunity to travel the world or experience a lifestyle that's different than your own, much as you might want to.

While bouncing back and forth between screens, you're catching up with all of your online pals since you've been offline.Others can take your opinions or advice or leave them just as easily.Being anonymous gives you protection from those who might attack you for your views, either online or in person.This is where the rubber meets the road regarding the pros and cons of anonymous chat rooms.Over time, your values and life experiences have shaped the person that you've become.

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