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The guys from Tru TV's "Those Who Can't" come by the Pointless Podcast to talk about how mad it's possible to get in front of a green screen, why they set their show in a high school, and Leisure Suit Larry.

In this chapter: Teslas, Hardwick's Wedding and Alison Haislip gets high-ish.

-Kevin and fellow Attack producers Alex Corea, Corrado Caretto, and Jeremy Hache discuss all the makings of our new studio, plans with Twitch, the work with Comic Con HQ, and of course, memories from G4 and "Attack of the Show!

"Amy Roiland, CEO and founder of Fashion Tap, tells Kevin all about the experience of pitching her app on Shark Tank, playing VR with her brother Justin, creator of Rick and Morty, and how she sees the fashion industry changing.

Nerdist`s Malik Forte lets it all hang out this week on Pointless and shares details about growing up in Ohio, his virtual reality obsession, and his beef with politics.

-Model-actress Julia Voth of Resident Evil fame is into cool stuff like cosplay and gaming, but what she does to pass her time at Burning Man was enough to make even Kevin blush. -Actor-comedian Ari Shaffir held nothing back on Pointless today.

Botello left in early 2002, and Sessler hosted the show by himself up until April 2003, when Webb joined the cast and the show was renamed X-Play.

Game Spot TV, Extended Play, and X-Play all originated in San Francisco, California.

The show in its final incarnation was hosted by Morgan Webb and Blair Herter, with Kristin Adams (née Holt) and Jessica Chobot serving as special correspondents/co-hosts (Tiffany Smith, Alex Sim-Wise and Joel Gourdin have also served as correspondents during the show's run).

Adam Sessler was the original host of the program; he previously co-hosted with Lauren Fielder and Kate Botello.

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